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Opera a la Brève

Reductions of major operatic and operetta works meant to make

works usually reserved for the major opera houses

 accessible to singers and audiences.

Recycled - Reimagined - Repurposed


Crossed purposes,

ancient quarrels,

wistful longings,

societal snobbery,

cross dressers,

barons in disguise -

it's the stuff of Period Romance Novels!


Join ResonanceandLight™

for an evening of romantic novellettes,

as told by FindeSiecle era composers.

She thought he was a real hero.

He was just a Hero-in-Training who used her and abandoned her

on a deserted island.

She's spent a long, long time getting over him, with nothing for miles but water and sand, her empty cavern and the echoes of her memories.

She's going to get a second chance - this time with a god who will give her ecstatic immortality.

First she has to die to her old self.

this work is 

laced with double entendres

and is recommended for mature audiences only.

A young woman accused of murder is caught in a tangle of political machinations in medieval Belgium.  She is in need of a real hero.

Will he arrive in time...

and will he be all she has dreamed of?

She's been groomed as a pawn in the political works of a mighty empire. She's having none of it...

... a story of epigenetic trauma and a woman who ensures she will live life on her terms in the midst of a political minefield.

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