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Are you ready

to learn how to

 establish and maintain

the integrity of your

personal resonance ,

your voice,

your presence

in this world?

How many transformational programs have you explored

in search of the "magic formula"

that will whisk you away into

"that harmonious happy place"?

How many times have you been promised

3, 5, 15 things

that will rapidly and easily

transform your life

- your relationship

- your prosperity

 - your success?

Are you ready to dive in

and do the deep,

rewarding and unburdening 

work needed to

change your relationship with

your inner voice -

 your story,


your story can change?

How often have you found yourself buying into another program,

or "purchasing up" in hopes that

this time it will stick?​​

How many times have you 

squeezed yourself into a

one size fits all transformational program and come away

somewhat and temporarily relieved,

only to find you are still off-balance

and still longing

for the deep shift you came for? 

Do you know how to

 get off the

"transformational program"

merry-go-round and

 become safe and comfortable

 with being your own authority

 for your own wellbeing?

Are your ready

to work

with a coach

who works

organically and holistically with

what you bring to the table?

Our Tools

Each of OUR TOOLS is an

entry point to revealing and healing

your relationship with your internal and external voice.

Resonance and Light Internal Voice Management

The work we've done with internal voice has been more positive and life altering than I could have imagined.


I'm beginning to feel whole - slowly but surely. The struggle has been changed from anguish to an eyes open learning experience. I am finally making rapid progress. I am loving myself, am feeling loved for being myself, and am becoming aware of how and why I love others.

In just a matter of four months I'm in a much better place in my life than I have been for years and years. Seek out Monica's knowledge and insight into

Internal Voice Management


and Manifestation for your own peace of mind and happiness.

Resonance and Light Resonant Mindfulness
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Live Theater Stage Technician

Immersion Programs
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"There is a profound transformative power in working with

 the interrelationship between

 the actual sound we make,

 the language we internalize,

 what we resonate with

and our impact in the world".

"The lessons and sessions with Monica are at their core empowerment and they can very quickly leverage you beyond what you imagined possible..."   



"Work with Monica! Your entire experience will be radically shifted by this process. I cannot say enough about her and her way of revealing what most of us miss as we go through our busy lives. Monica has a great deal to share with anyone seeking a more profound connection with themselves, their art, their world.

Dive in and discover everything you can...

the journey will be well worth it!"


Practitioner / Awaken to Spirit

About Monica
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Your challenges are

the window to your fulfillment.

Monica Schober


Helping you cultivate the




you long for.

Our approach to transforming your personal resonance into a fully embodied foundation for your delight and success is informed by your patterns, your blocks, your desires, your joys, your experience. We do the deep work that helps change your relationship with your story, so your story can change.

My clients include producers, psychologists, bodyworkers and life coaches, singers, actors, public speakers, real estate magnates and sales persons, CPA's and attorney's, household administrators, concert pianists, teachers, martial artists and more.

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