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Intuitive Tonal Work

Are you in search of conscious access to your personal resonance?

EXPLORE your fully embodied resonance and

 DISCOVER what it has to teach you.

TRANSFORM your relationship with the dissonances in your life


 re-establish the integrity of your resonance.

I'd like to schedule

personalized individual coaching.


“Monica is highly intuitive and an astute diagnostician of physical and energetic imbalances.


I have been fortunate to have experienced those on numerous occasions over the years, and have reaped the rewards on every level of my being.


I have witnessed her highly efficient zeroing in on a singer’s need for better alignment with their higher self as in a short period they experienced the impressive results.


I encourage anyone interested in integrating and coordinating disparate and disjointed aspects of their psyche/spirit/body with their pure essence to be guided into wholeness by Monica’s unique gifts.” 


Vocal Coach

& Concert Pianist

"Monica helped me recognize the difference between what I believed my voice is and what others hear. Learning how to perceive my voice and my relationship to it differently has made me aware of my breath on a moment to moment basis.


I've learned to use different areas of my body so that my delivery can be efficient as it can be.


And I'm allowing a universal electricity to flow through me so that I may use every aspect of the instrument which is my voice."

V. R.


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