The 4 A's

of Resonance and Life

The foundation of all our work


program for personal transformation.

Discover how to apply these principles to singing, public speaking, acting, business, fitness, cooking, driving truck, sales, digging ditches, speaking, parenting, caregiving, computer programming, instrumental performance...


This is


I want to schedule

individual coaching,

a presentation

or workshop

tailored for me or my group.


"The 4 A's of Resonance and Life" lead you along the way.

A shift not yet experienced occurs - a clearing takes place, a pathway becomes present, allowing more trust in everything.


I have a deeper sense of compassion and decency for myself.

I align myself with all that I really am, and transform the relationship that I have with myself.

 I determine which stories I have attached myself to and which ones serve or do not serve my highest good."

VICENTE R. (Office Furniture Tech)


If you are under 18 years old, please let me know in advance.

Let's talk about

how we can support my resonance

and its role in getting my mission accomplished.

Los Angeles, CA
internet based coaching available
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