Story Resolution

for Places and Things

Home Dedications

Start your life in a new home with a thorough and gentle resolution of its story and a personalized infusion of your purpose, light and love.


Resolve the energy/story of your relationship with a home you are leaving and make room for a  relationship with your new space. Might it even be a kindness to leave your old home clear and intentionally purposed for the next occupant?

Business Startups and Completions

Clear and rededicate your relationships with the energy/story for your business start-up or business completion. Let's use your focused intention to optimize the stories that will resonate over time.

Stigmatized Property Resolution

We'll address

the "energy"/story of

an item or property that has experienced drama, trauma or tragedy - using the compassion that is the foundation of all resolution.

Battle Fields


Killing Fields 

Bring resolution to very special types of stigmatized property:

If you have ever visited Shiloh, you know it is possible to bring the "Stillness beyond Peace" into your relationship with such places.


If you are under 18 years old, please let me know in advance.

Let's talk about

how we can support my resonance

and its role in getting my mission accomplished.

Los Angeles, CA
internet based coaching available
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