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Story Resolution

for Places and Things

Home Dedications

Start your life in a new home with a thorough and gentle resolution of its story and a personalized infusion of your purpose, light and love.


Resolve the energy/story of your relationship with a home you are leaving and make room for a  relationship with your new space. Might it even be a kindness to leave your old home clear and intentionally purposed for the next occupant?

Business Startups and Completions

Clear and rededicate your relationships with the energy/story for your business start-up or business completion. Let's use your focused intention to optimize the stories that will resonate over time.

Stigmatized Property Resolution

We'll address

the "energy"/story of

an item or property that has experienced drama, trauma or tragedy - using the compassion that is the foundation of all resolution.

Battle Fields


Killing Fields 

Bring resolution to very special types of stigmatized property:

If you have ever visited Shiloh, you know it is possible to bring the "Stillness beyond Peace" into your relationship with such places.

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