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Vocal Support

for the Mature Voice

Vocal Support for the Mature Voice

Our voices and our relationship with our voices

change as our bodies and our life experience change over time.

We'll explore the gift that is your current instrument


Resonant Mindfulness


we'll make adjustments to your vocal technique 


Dynamic Resonance Release

 We'll accommodate the physical changes that come with maturing -

those changes that reveal what we've "gotten away with",

what our bodies have compensated for in our more resilient, more pliable days.


I am approaching 60 years of life lived and am singing and speaking more consistently, more comfortably and with better stamina than I have ever done.

It is my privilege and delight to share how this is possible for me.

Here's to your Resonance and Light,


I'd like to reserve:

dates & times for these transformative

 Vocal Support for Mature Voices Classes.

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