Why We Attend, Support, and Encourage our Very Local Opera Productions

The furnishings are cobbled together from old sheets and paint, and left-overs of multiple people's moves. The props come from various garage sales and cast & crew's homes. Costumes are pieced together from various cast member's closets. The orchestra is a piano - maybe two. The chorus's singing is uneven. The lead's are cast from the current pot of local, aspiring opera singers. Ages and abilities vary. The soprano is over 40 and gloriously coming into her prime. The tenor is young and still choking on his music. The baritone is even younger and has no idea what to do with his hands. The mezzo is bitter or hopeful depending on life experience. The stage director is paid. The music director

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Let's talk about

how we can support my resonance

and its role in getting my mission accomplished.

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