Are you speaking with your "True Voice?"

"You're not speaking with your True voice." "That's not You speaking." How does that make you feel? One of many well-meaning teachers who wanted to encourage me to write that book, sing that song, or give that presentation spoke these words with great authority on a webinar. This was not the first time I had heard words bringing the truth of my voice into question. My gut clenched with an intense and cumulative internal rebellion. I knew it was time for a deep reassessment of my relationship with my voice. I rediscovered how much courage it takes to embrace all the life experiences that inform and form my voice. It takes the stillness of awareness, the focus of attention, and the compassion

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to talk about how we can support your Resonance and its role in getting your mission accomplished.

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Let's talk about

how we can support my resonance

and its role in getting my mission accomplished.

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