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Please Forgive Me - a Resonantly Mindful Practice

#MindfulMusings about the #PowerOfForgiveness We are resonant beings seeking to optimize our own well-being and the impact we have on our world. We work on what we put out there and what we attract. We address the #InnerVoice that is driving what we manifest, what we notice, and what we react to. We strive to be kind and compassionate. We work on releasing the baggage that weighs us down as we pursue our best life. As we do the inner work, we reach the point where we find ourselves asking for forgiveness for the conscious and unconscious harm we have caused others. The relief we experience when we are granted forgiveness cracks open the door to our next, better life story. That thing you did

Find a new and different relationship with ego (#5)

Updated: Mar 14 #WhatNewChoicesWillYouMake if you gave the #Ego its rightful, comfortable place in your life tool box? #MindfulMusings about our relationship with the ego. Here's to your Resonance and Light™Advocating for #Kindness in all aspects of how we resonate with ourselves and others. Monica Fully embody your voice and release yourself into your unique resonance. Find the foundation of your resonance. Learn ways to get your conversation to support all the affirmative work you do and resonate your highest intentions. Find new relationships with the stories that resonate through your life. Bring your resonance to a new level at© Monica Schober, Resonance and Light

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