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Please Forgive Me - a Resonantly Mindful Practice

We are resonant beings seeking to optimize our own well-being and the impact we have on our world. We work on what we put out there and what we attract. We address the #InnerVoice that is driving what we manifest, what we notice, and what we react to. We strive to be kind and compassionate. We work on releasing the baggage that weighs us down as we pursue our best life.

As we do the inner work, we reach the point where we find ourselves asking for forgiveness for the conscious and unconscious harm we have caused others.

The relief we experience when we are granted forgiveness cracks open the door to our next, better life story.

That thing you did that needs forgiveness came through your own body.

When asking for #Forgiveness - be sure to add asking your own body for forgiveness for the distress it has experienced. It houses the vibrational residue of your thoughts and actions, in addition to the fear, grief, shame and regret attached to them.

Let's adapt and apply the profound forgiveness practice of Haleaka Hew Len PhD, Hawaiian psychologist and shamanic practitioner's Ho’oponopono. (I'd like to use a specific order of his sentences). Let's make a declaration of love the starting point and gratitude the conclusion).

A #ResonantMindfulness Forgiveness Practice:

1. Set your intention to do forgiveness work within your own body.

Setting an intention is setting your mind, your desire, your focus on something. Setting an intention requires getting into the mental, physical, emotional space for becoming aware of and paying attention to what we have buried and carried for so long. There are so many ways to set intention. (Consider Resonant Mindfulness as a possible tool). You might pray, light a candle, go for a run, practice a skill, journal, light incense, doodle on a pad, or just make up your mind - it's all about making room for and creating a focus. You know best how you do this.

2. Become aware of a place of discomfort or tension in your body that requires your attention. If there is more than one place in your body vying for attention, thank your body for its enthusiastic participation in the forgiveness exercise, assure it you'll come back to attend to more of what it has brought up - and pick one. Each choice is the right choice.

3. Place a hand over the part of your body you have chosen. If there is a reason you can't use a hand, find a way to embrace that part of your body, either physically or emotionally/mentally - this too will work.

4. Tell the part of your body that vied for your attention and won:

I love you. (even if you don't feel it)

I'm sorry. (for the distress I have caused you)

Please forgive me. (I was doing the best I could with the tools I had available)

Thank you. (I'll keep on pursuing our best life and learn to use better tools)

Say it out loud if possible.

Your vocal resonance is a powerful medium that carries your intention through sound waves.

4. Become aware of any response your body or mind may have. Your body may relax just a bit, or a lot. The nature of what caught your attention may change. You may experience rebellion, denial, rage, relief. Your mind may run off with the stories of your life. You may smile, frown, weep, laugh. Pay attention to all of what comes up. And repeat and repeat and repeat as needed...

I love you.

I'm sorry.

Please forgive me.

Thank you.

5. Your body and mind will know when you are done for the moment. " I'm done," can be a comfortable or an uncomfortable response. " I'm done," can be almost instantaneous and it can take a while. It might take more than one session to find the relief that comes from forgiveness as the body sorts out what is happening.

Here's to your Resonance and Light

Advocating for #Kindness in all aspects of how we resonate with ourselves and others.


Fully embody your voice and release yourself into your unique resonance. Find the foundation of your resonance. Learn ways to get your conversation to support all the affirmative work you do and resonate your highest intentions. Find new relationships with the stories that resonate through your life. Bring your resonance to a new level at© Monica Schober, Resonance and Light™ 2018 All rights reserved. Please link back to this blog post and credit to to avoid copyright infringement. Thank you.


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