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A new and different relationship with ego (4)

In the pursuit of expanded consciousness, many traditions have been squashing the ego, beating it to a pulp, shredding it, subjugating it, and in the end attempting to eliminate it in support of this story: that it is not possible to have "Cosmic Consciousness" and retain #ego. Does this make sense? If "Cosmic Consciousness" is all inclusive, then this approach to the ego is the antithesis of the desired end.

I can hear the protests "But...but...but...I've spent my life in spiritual pursuits and the ego does get in the way of my spiritual quest! I have evidence! I have my own experience! The great teachers can't be wrong!"

And... what new choices will you make if the metaphysical theories prompted by quantum physics are right and our reality IS created by our perception?  What if by perceiving that expanded consciousness is not possible with an intact ego, we are creating a reality that corresponds with that perception?

#WhatNewChoicesWillYouMake if you choose an alternate reality in which perception of all (including an intact and functioning ego in balance) is not only possible, it is real?

#MindfulMusings about our relationship with the ego.

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