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A new and different relationship with ego (2)

We are urged to overcome the #Ego and set aside the "little self". The ego must "die" for us to achieve expanded consciousness.  And the ego's resistance to being annihilated is evidence that the ego is bad and must be annihilated. This sets us on a futile quest based on a nonsequitur - an argument in which the conclusion doesn't follow logically from what preceded it. And this story about the ego has been told so often over the millennia and with such conviction, that by now many of us accept this without question.

I'd like to tell a story about the ego via a story about going for a walk.

Let's say I've been sitting in a chair in front of a computer for my entire life. I've figured out that having a strong and agile fingers serves me well. So I have brought my fingers to extraordinary heights of strength and dexterity. It's amazing what I can do with my fingers!

I'm told by those who are wise and enlightened that there is a wide world for me to experience and it's time for me to take a walk. I decide to take that walk. I have, after all, been developing the muscles in my magnificent fingers.

Now let's say I use my very developed fingers to walk me into the wider world, to experience the wonders of wind and rain and trees and amusement parks.

My fingers get red, they throb and are raw from the work out I'm giving them. They buckle. They fail. I push them again and again. My fingers get me to my destination. And by the time I get there my poor fingers are inflamed, are angry, and they are all anyone or even I can perceive of myself or the wide world I hoped to see.

I'm told I got the job done the wrong way. I have crashed into people. I have not looked where I was going. I have bled on the side walk. There is a daunting list of what I failed to accomplish. I have failed.

I'm told by those who are wise and enlightened that I must cut off my fingers.

I begin hacking away at my fingers. My whole body resists!

I'm told that my fingers are very bad for resisting. I'm told that my body's resistance to cutting off my fingers is evidence that my fingers must go. I'm told they are the one thing keeping me from being able to walk.

Can we all agree it's counterproductive to berate the organism for resisting the destruction of my wonderful fingers, the destruction of the very structures I need to lift a spoon to my mouth?

What if ego is like our magnificent fingers in this story?

What if Ego is nothing more than the contruct we need to perceive ourselves as individuated, so we can enjoy being three dimensional?

We've asked Ego to do a job it's not designed to do - we've asked it to direct us along our life path.

Ego has one job and we've asked it to do a myriad other jobs for which it is unsuited. It has become inflamed, and it demands our attention. It has become the thing we perceive, obscuring all else. We react by trying to cut it off. The organism resists the destruction of the wonderful ego, the destruction of the very thing we need to have our human experiences. We berate it and ourselves for resisting its destruction.

#WhatNewChoicesWillYouMake if you stop abusing the ego, relieve it of its burdens and rejoice in its role in allowing you to experience this 3 dimensionality?

#MindfulMusings about our relationship with the ego.

Here's to your Resonance and Light™

Advocating for #Kindness in all aspects of how we resonate with ourselves and others.


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