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A new and different relationship with ego (3)

The third in a series of #MindfulMusings about our relationship with the ego.

Ego is a vital, albeit small life muscle that should be developed in relation to all the bigger life musclesWe must individuate - that's the setup for perceiving three dimensionality. That's Egos' job - to help us perceive and play in this 3 dimensionality.

We've used the tool we call Ego to do the job of other life tools.

Most significantly

we've replaced the Tools of Intuition and Mindfulness, among others with the Tool of Ego.

Why are we horrified at a swollen #ego when that ego has heroically been doing a job it's not designed to do, and in the process has been developing callouses and cysts, tears and scars?

Let's re-think our relationship with Ego. Let's strengthen our other life tools so we can gradually relieve Ego of its burden, so it can do the one thing it's designed to do. And remember, Ego will protect against anything it sees as threatening to the organism that perceives three dimensionality, including our own self-Ego abuse. (If this makes you want to destroy it, please see "A new and different relationship with Ego (2)") Let's be grateful for Ego's heroism and help it let go of all those other jobs.

Let's gently convince the Ego to let go of its burden with demonstrations of the growing strength and competence of our other life tools.

Proceed gently, gently...with grateful acknowledgement of Ego's small, but key role in life experience.

#WhatNewChoicesWillYouMake if you stopped abusing the ego, relieved it of its burdens and rejoiced in its role in allowing you to experience this 3 dimensionality?

Here's to your Resonance and Light™

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